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Here's a list of reasons of why you need one:

1. It's cool

2. I mean it's a reptile and amphibian coloring book

3. It'll keep your significant other or children busy while you shop at NARBC: North American Reptile Breeders Conference

4. You don't want to be bored on the flight home do you?

5. Feeling stressed? Bust out a bottle of your preferred drink, put on some tunes and unwind while coloring in some rad reptiles.

6. It'll make a great gift. Your kids, nephews, nieces, the neighbors, your friends, grandma, Tom, etc.

7. When you buy one, all the proceeds go towards feeding Addy and Chris and all their animals. The coloring books are all locally made too. We love supporting other small businesses.

8. Yes, we will have crayons available at the show.

9. I worked really hard on it all night and all morning

10. Just cause

Book of Coloring - First Edition

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