Company Logo Design


This is one of the most important branding investments a company can make. A good logo will be the brand and icon of your company and is significant for your company's public perception. Includes hi-res files in PDF, PNG and JPG. Clients get 3 revisions during rough drafts. Any additional changes on final draft will be $50 each. Check out some of my previous logo work in the gallery below! 


Linework logo single color: $300+

Linework with color: $400+

High Detail Painting logo: $500+

Deluxe Branding Package: $600+

Branding is one of the most important aspects of having your company stand out from the rest. When potential customers see your products, you want them to know who it came from. Good iconography helps people recognize your company and establishes your brand. With the deluxe branding package, you can get all your bases covered to make sure your content works beautifully and efficiently together. This includes:


  • Social- media friendly Full color logo with black & white version for print and watermarks

  • Color palette for your company's website, advertisements and imagery

  • Typography card to ensure your typed media remains consistent and specific to your brand

  • Business Card Design that is unique and memorable with all the information your clients need to get in touch.

  • Branding consultation to help create a unified look for all company website, social media accounts. 

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