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- Strophurus ciliaris -

Northern Spiny Tailed Gecko

I'm always admiring people's speed drawings and figured it might be fun to make my own! Here is a portrait of a Strophurus ciliaris- the northern spiny tailed gecko. These little guys look like little dragons and have a super cool defense mechanism! Along with their bright colors, some members of the genus have the ability to squirt a smelly but harmless fluid from their tails as a defense against predators. Photo reference by Stephen Zozaya.


Drawing done in copic markers, jelly roll pen and molotow marker.

Artwork is property of ©2019 Adeline Robinson Art & Illustration

- Varanus salvator nuchalis -

Rough necked water monitor

16 hour digital painting sped up into 6 minutes! This is a portrait of Varanus salvator nuchalis (Rough-necked Water Monitor) which is a near-threatened species of Philippine Water Monitor. These lizards have striking color and males can grow 5-8 feet long in length from nose to tail. They are avid hunters, enjoy swimming and can be distinguished from other species by their facial structure, white markings on their head & sometimes a dorsal stripe with oval shaped spots along the back.


Artwork done by Adeline Robinson with Wacom Intuos Pro in Adobe Photoshop 2019.


 Music: 1.Far Horizons 2.Dawn by Jeremy Soule from the Skyrim Soundtrack.


(No copyright intention- music is used on this video for the purpose of education, demonstration and special interest purposes as mentioned in the Copyright Act 1976, for fair use.)


Artwork is property of ©2019 Adeline Robinson Art & Illustration

- Dendroaspis angusticeps -

Eastern Green Mamba

The eastern green mamba is a highly venomous snake species of the mamba genus Dendroaspis native to the coastal regions of southern East Africa.


Photo reference by MK Photo


Artwork done by Adeline Robinson with Moleskine notebook, copic markers, micron pins, molotow marker and jelly roll pen.

Artwork is property of ©2019 Adeline Robinson Art & Illustration

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