Fine Art


A portrait of your pet or animal you enjoy is a wonderful way to personalize and decorate your home. Memorialize your favorite animal with a one-of a kind, custom drawing. Traditional artwork is done with Copic fine art markers, pens and white Jelly Roll pens on specialized paper in an 11x14 or 18x24 size. To begin, a 1/2 down non refundable deposit is required. Please provide detailed hi-res reference photos to the email provided below. Most artwork turnaround time is typically 2-4 weeks although it can vary depending on the amount of detail in the artwork. Check out some of my previous work in the gallery below. For any questions, please contact me at


Detailed Portrait in Copic Fine Art Markers

Final price is dependent on the amount of time and detail

Single subject 11x14: $800+

Single subject 18x24: $2,000+

*Additional shipping rates apply*

Terms & Conditions

When commissioning any work offered by Adeline Robinson Art & Illustration, the client indicates acceptance of the following terms of sale. Any agreement for services binds the client to the agreement of these terms whether or not they have read or understand the said terms. When purchasing an original piece, the client buys the original artwork. They do not buy the rights to the artwork. The artist may choose to make prints of custom work.