FAQ & Pricing


Can you draw me & my pet?

I do not take requests but I DO take commissions (Artists need to pay bills too!) I don’t typically do portraits of people as that isn’t my specialty but if it is something I think I’m capable of I will let you know.


Can you draw me a tattoo?

If you are commissioning artwork and would like that to be a tattoo, by all means, it’s yours. If you are looking to use a current design of mine, there is an artwork fee. 

What’s your price & turnaround time for a commission?


Prices and turnaround time may vary depending on each project. If you are interested in my work, please browse the options below and submit the commission form. Once I receive the form, I would be happy to give you a quote. 

How do you set your prices? 

I set my prices by how much work goes into a project, just like many other professions. Usually higher detailed artworks take more planning, strategy and are an exercise of learned skill. Many people who have seen an artist draw something up quickly will ask them why they charge what they do. Art pricing isn't necessarily only based on how long a project takes, it's about the culmination of skill and the years or learning, practice, trial and error to get the artist to where they are now. I like to maintain transparency and try to have some average prices here for art that is frequently asked for. That being said, please feel free to reach out to me if you have any further questions.

Rush orders, changes and price increases

My commissions are done in the order of first come first serve. Rush orders may be accepted with an additional $50 fee. As the demand for my work and time goes up, I may adjust and increase prices. 



Pricing can vary depending on the amount of time and detail needed for each project. Please take a look at my services below, as there are average prices in the descriptions. 

How to get a quote


Please fill out the commission form below.

What I need to know before I can give you an accurate quote:

  • What would you like drawn? How many subjects are in the drawing? 

  • What style would you like it in? cartoon, sketch, simple drawing with color or full detailed painting?

  • Would you like it done digitally or hand painted?

  • How many versions of it would you like? 

  • What time frame do you need it by? 



Before I start on any work, I require a 50% deposit up front and a signed Artist Licensing agreement. I do accept Paypal in USD, Venmo and Quickpay by Zelle. Client will get hi-res digital file or original artwork once paid in full.





This is one of the most important branding investments a company can make. A good logo will the brand and icon of your company and is significant for your company's public perception. 

T-shirts, stickers and magnets are something fun to add to your shop that will complement and help promote your brand. Get yourself a nice design to catch attention to your company and shop.


Fine Art

A portrait of your pet or animal you enjoy is a wonderful way to personalize and decorate your home.  Memorialize your favorite critters with a one-of a kind, custom drawing or painting. 

Paintings, posters, and highly detailed artwork take lots of time, patience and hard work. I strive to create the most visually stunning posters, paintings and art to your specifications with some artistic flair!

Other services I provide:

Brand marketing & management

Social media and website design

Terms & Conditions


When commissioning any work offered by Adeline Robinson Art & Illustration, the client indicates acceptance of the following terms of sale. Any agreement for services binds the client to the agreement of these terms whether or not they have read or understand the said terms.

Commission Form
What type of commission are you interested in?
What type of style would you like it in?
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